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    iZimmbiRADIO is an online radio broadcasting website that focuses on promoting independent bands and musicians--those that are not signed to a record label. We provide artist profiles for bands and musicians that signup with us, we host their music and broadcast it live on our Shoutcast server and through Mixlr two nights per week. On average, we have over 2000 listeners per night on Shoutcast. In addition to that, our authors write articles related to music. We even have an advice column. So, wondering what people think of the overall idea of the site, the promotion of independent bands and musicians. Also want to see what you think of the design and current content.


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    Oct 7, 2015
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    The site set up looks professional. I like that there is a featured artists section, and videos you can watch. But I'm confused about the Shop aspect of it. When I click on shop it just shows a picture of the product and the price. I don't know what I'm getting though. I guess maybe I need to know more about the site to do that. But just looking at it it'd be nice if there was a short description underneath the product that says what I'll be getting if I decide to buy that certain package. Other than that I think it's pretty good. I hope the site grows as there's only 3 artists on there to choose from to learn more about. But it's neat that musicians can get their name out there like that on a website.

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